Old Bungalow to Beautiful Barn

Brian and Loveday found a 0.85 acre plot in a quiet pretty rural village. It had an existing bungalow on it and a lapsed planning permission for a 4 bed 2 storey house. The couple met Sean through self-build company Potton and decided to design and build a new home similar to Potton’s Wickhambrook Barn show home which they’d previously seen at the Potton Self Build Show Centre in Cambridgeshire.


We got fan service out of Sean who really steered us through the detail of the planning and the changes we wanted and ultimately got us the planning permission. Sean came to our site and spent a lot of time here with us working out where the house should go and at what angle.

Brian & Loveday Ellis
  • Clients Brian & Loveday Ellis
  • Location Hampshire
  • Project Replacement Dwelling. Existing bungalow replaced with new Self-Build Potton Barn
  • Land Cost £525,000 included existing bungalow
  • Build Cost £759,000 - built to extremely high specification
  • Current Value £1.5-1.7m